Tamara Banks Bio
  For Emmy Award winning journalist, Tamara Banks, the statement, “One Person Can Make a Difference,” is more than just words. Transformative

  Ms. Banks is currently using her 20 years of journalism experience to evoke positive social transformation in our community and globally through excellence in journalism and civic engagement. 
  She is a freelance correspondent for Al Jazeera America and has extensive experience as a correspondent, producer and talk host for a number of local and national TV news programs.
  Ms. Banks is a global thinker and international documentary filmmaker. She produces films and news programs in many parts of the world including in Sudan and South Sudan and the Nuba Mountains focusing on a genocide and crimes against humanity. 
  Ms. Banks has also traveled to Uganda where she interviewed child soldiers 
as well as to Rwanda where she reported on that country’s post genocide challenges and successes. 

The short version of her documentary film, “The Long Journey Home,” depicting the journey of former Sudanese slaves coming back home after years of enslavement, was accepted into the 2009 Hollywood Film Festival, “HollyShorts.”

Ms. Banks also covered the devastating earthquake in Haiti. And She embedded with U.S. Army and Iraqi Security forces and reported on yet another untold story: U.S. and Coalition Forces training, mentoring and empowering Iraqis before the U.S. pulled out of the war torn country.

Ms. Banks is well known as a respected anchor and reporter for WB 2 News in Denver, Colorado before becoming a national and international freelance journalist. Her work has appeared on ABC News, HDNET’s World Report, CNN, BBC World, FOX News, Al Jazeera America.

Tamara is also an accomplished equestrian and plays polo, the sport of kings (and queens).